Friday, 29 July 2011

Today went well, for a while we had some concerns but all went well. Shauna, the brave Superhero has proven herself amazing and wondrous again.

Dr Elche has the flu and due to Shauna's low and weak immune system, he is not allowed to be around her. This broke her heart at first however she returned to her normal cheerful self again. With the ever kind Dr Elche not being around, Dr Adams is taking full charge of Shauna's trials under the advice of Dr Elche. As things turned out, Shauna's physio therapist Dan came around today. She really has outdone herself, but she pushed herself a bit too hard. She is now able to move around a bit better than before and it seems that her ankle, shoulder and wrist are healing well. Hopefully they will be fully healed soon, I think she's had enough pain these past few months. This is not needed too. Though she's able to walk much better, Dan still believes that she is straining herself too much and that she still has lots of hard work ahead of her.

With this Shauna still suffers from intense nausea and has been having dizzy spells every now and again. Her doctors are investigating various options to lighten the load for her. We only hope and wish that she gets well soonest.

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